The Adventures of Scarlett

Our daughter Scarlett is a feisty little newborn who came into this world 8 ½ weeks early and is in for an extended stay at our local NICU. The Adventures of Scarlett are a short, graphic story series that will eventually turn into a publication for her (and my family) to enjoy as she grows older. I hope you find them interesting (and perhaps relate-able) as they are a lot of fun to put together.


a photo journal

Going Home

The day Scarlett finally came home was full of emotions: Joy, Fear, and Nervousness all at the same time. Our nurses, social workers and friends gave us a wonderful, heartfelt send off, and we were on our way. Our family is finally together at home.

My First Staycation

Before being discharged from the NICU, all parents have the opportunity to spend the day or night with their child as a “dry run” with nurses close by. Our NICU doctors, nurses, and volunteer “cuddlers” are miracle workers, and we couldn’t be more thankful for what they’ve done for our family.

Goodbye Incubator, Hello Air!

Scarlett is growing every day and just graduated to a bassinet! There’s no stopping this little lady when she puts her mind to something.

Is Somebody Watching Me?

Scarlett is a feisty wiggle-worm. You better keep your eyes on her at all times or else she’ll disappear.

Have You Seen My Bink?

Scarlett loves her binky. It helps calm her and make her feel safe. When she doesn’t know where it is she will enlist the help of everyone around her to find it.

Scarlett Kangaroos with Mommy

Kangaroo care refers to a skin-to-skin care method of bonding for NICU and preterm babies.. Scarlett loves to Kangaroo with mommy and daddy, but ends up in completely different positions to cuddle and stay warm.